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I love Pods for quick building of a single site where I’m not writing much code. It’s a quick way to create the post types I need without worrying about PHP. Pods is also a pretty unobtrusive (no nag banners, etc) plugin that works super well. Here’s a video showing it off:

And for the text-preferers in the audience:

How to Create Custom Content Types in WordPress with the Pods Plugin

  1. Install and Activate the “Pods” plugin from the “Plugins > Add New” screen.
  2. In the left side of your admin area: click on “Pods Admin > Add New”.
  3. Here you’ll go with the “Create New” option, as we’re not (currently) modifying Posts or Pages, but creating a new post type. (For me, that post type will be “Portfolio Items”.
  4. On the “Add New Pod” screen, you’ll select “Custom Post Types” as “Content Type” and then you’ll add the “Singular” and “Plural” labels. For me, those are “Portfolio Item” and “Portfolio Items”. Click “Next Step”.
  5. With that you should be good. If you need to tweak the item, you have access to just about every option you want here. Superstitiously you may want to click “Save Pod” off in the right even if you don’t change anything, but your Post Type will show before that.
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