Clientexec 6.0.1 Available for Download

We are pleased to announce that the stable release of Clientexec 6.0.1 is now available for all clients to download.  This release fixes a few issues that were found since the release of 6.0.0. You can find the release files at – The upgrade process can now be completed with the click of a button from inside your ... Read More »

7th Nov 2019
Our hosting Server Now on the High Performance NVMe Disk

Today, we are happy to announce that our hosting Infrastructure is now run on new NVMe strage, on both Bare Metal and Virtual Machines.

1st Nov 2019
Server Migration Speed01 to us1 Complete, Please review your dns!!

Hello, Now we are glad to say that scheduled server migration for 28 September 2019 has migrated to another server US1, Hardware was upgraded to latest Dual Intel Xeon  E5-2680 v2 40 Core total. Our main goal is to improve server performance.* The following action must be taken by you now:*If you are using default nameserver, no action is ... Read More »

28th Sep 2019
Server speed01 migration In Progress

Dear Valued Clients, Greetings from ikihost JWNET Media Data Over the last few months, as part of our goal to increase the speed and reliability of service and improve our ability to grow to meet the demands of our customers, we’ve been working on migrating our infrastructure to new E5 2680 V2 with 40 total core.We will start the server ... Read More »

19th Sep 2019
Announced cPanel Price Increase, Account Based Pricing

On June 27th along with all other cPanel partners we received notice by email of a drastic change on how cPanel intends on pricing their product. We reached out to our cPanel account representative on how this will affect not only our web hosting servers but many of our virtual private server and cloud server customers. Our displeasure with this ... Read More »

16th Jul 2019
IP ns2 changed for Los Angeles server!



Recently we update the IP nameservers for ns 2 with our optimized IP, a new IP is:

With this IP update for NS2, we want to optimize access from Asian users.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

Best Regards.

JWNET Media Data

14th Jan 2019
Caldera Forms Becomes First Major Plugin to Drop Support for Legacy PHP

The topic of PHP versions is complex, and I’ll happily discuss those complexities with anyone. The Core team’s position has always been — fairly — that most WordPress site owner’s don’t know what PHP is and would be confused by having to update it. As such, they insist that to “leave no user behind,” WordPress should keep working ... Read More »

31st Mar 2018
Security Announcement for Joomla Version 3.7.1

The Joomla Security Strike team has been following up on the critical security vulnerability patched last week. Since the recent update it has become clear that the root cause is a bug in PHP itself. This was fixed by PHP in September of this year (2015) with the releases of PHP 5.4.45, 5.5.29, 5.6.13 (N.B. Fixed in all versions of PHP 7 and has ... Read More »

31st Mar 2018
Critical vulnerabilities in Revslider for WordPress

Revslider (revolution slider) is a component included by defect in many themes and WordPress templates. Unfortunately, in present days, many vulnerabilities have been found, and some of them are very dangerous. 2014 November 26th A vulnerability which allows to upload and execute a shell in any site, without previus authentication, was ... Read More »

8th Oct 2017
You Need WordPress Security Plugin From Now

WordPress is a popular Content Management System (CMS) used around the world by bloggers and businesses alike. Security of the CMS continues to be a difficult issue and one that must be taken very seriously. We encourage all WordPress website owners, whether our customers or not, to install and leverage this plugin to improve their overall ... Read More »

29th Sep 2017